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The REcampus is a new feature of virtualclassrooms.com. You are now able to take on-line classes and browse the bookstore for products that will enhance and energize your practice with new ideas and strategies.

As a real estate practitioner in the state of New York, you now have available to you on-line courses which have been approved by the NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services. These courses may be taken to fulfill part or all of your 22.5 hour continuing professional education requirements.

We make this on-line option available for the convenience of those individuals who are unable to attend open enrollment classes during normally scheduled business hours. It is an option for those who do not have open enrollment classes available to them within convenient driving distance.

It is also an excellent solution for real estate practitioners faced with imminent renewal of their license with few or no open enrollment classes scheduled prior to their license expiration date.

The titles listed below are immediately available to you at the REcampus.
Visit us often as we'll be adding new course titles on a regular basis.

Course Title Credit Hours Price Enroll
New York 22.5 Hour CE Course Pac 1

This 22.5 hour course explores issues facing real estate professionals, including environmental issues, ethics in real estate, red flags, property management and commercial real estate investment.

Includes 3.00 hours of Fair Housing which satisfies the NYS education requirement every 2-year license renewal period.

Also includes 3.00+ hours of Real Estate Ethics required every other license renewal period.

22.5 hours
New York 22.5 Hour CE Course Pac 2

This 22.5 hour course explores issues facing real estate professionals, including real estate finance, tax law, property management, red flags, risk management, and commercial real estate sales.

Includes 3.00 hours of Fair Housing which satisfies the NYS education requirement every 2-year license renewal period.
22.5 hours
Sustainable Housing and Building Green in NY

Focused on environmentally sustainable building structures; this new topic covers the basics of sustainable housing, or building "green," and helps familiarize students with this emerging market.

6.5 hours
Commercial Real Estate Essentials in New York

Provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of commercial real estate. Includes an expanded discussion of commercial property, real estate investments, and developing marketing plans.
6.5 hours
Currently N/A
Mortgage Fraud & Predatory Lending in NY

Discusses issues of predatory lending and mortgage fraud and how they affect foreclosed and repossessed properties.
6.5 hours
Fair Housing in New York

Satisfies the NYS requirement for Fair Housing education every 2-year license renewal period.
3.0 hours

Please note that these courses may be taken on-line, provided that your browser is compliant with the basic necessary requirements. If you are having difficulties with your browser or monitor setup, call RECampus Tech Support at 1-888-213-5124.

Students located within the immediate vicinity of our brick and mortar location also have the option to use our PC Resource Center lab and high speed internet connection as an alternative to taking these classes from your home or office location. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for this option.

While on-line classes are not for everyone and are a very different experience as compared to a live, interactive classroom experience, we hope they provide a solution for those who need an alternative to the traditional classroom education experience.

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