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The overall objective of the residential appraisal series is to arrive at an understanding of the appraiser's role and to better understand the qualifications and uniform standards of professional practice that help to ensure a reliable appraisal. The scope of this series examines fundamentals essential to the appraisal process. Included are considerations of basic value principles, data collection, site valuation, the three recognized approaches to determining value, reconciliation and methods of completion of the appraisal report. In addition to appraisal theory, included are applied practices using appraisal related math and statistics as well as opportunities for actual site visits and completion of standardized appraisal report forms.

The overall objective of the general series is to arrive at an understanding of the valuation process of income producing investments, and can be further described as the appraisal of non-residential property with income producing potential. The scope of this series examines the valuation of a class of property customarily lacking adequate and ample documentation of sales, with a primary focus on the income approach to value, together with an understanding of how investors attempt to forecast income and analyze investment potential. Included in this process are the considerations of dynamic market conditions, highest and best use, area and neighborhood, site and improvements, and the effects and implications of existing leases and mortgages remaining on the property.


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