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The 30-Hour GAP Course is offered monthly. 10% of the course (3 hours) may be missed without makeup. Any additional time missed may be made up in future courses at the time the missed topic matter is being covered. A licensing candidate may take the course final examination only upon satisfactory completion of the attendance requirements. An exam score of 70% must be achieved in order to successfully complete this course. One makeup exam is available in the event the course exam is not passed.

Who must take the Gap Course?

Students who completed the 45-Hour Salesperson’s Pre-licensing course prior to July 1st 2008

• who did not activated a license
• who let their license lapse for 2 years or more*
• who wish to become a broker

must take this gap course covering the newly added topics, in order to activate a license.

*If you have proof of an expired Salesperson's license you do not need to take the Gap course, but you will have to retake the New York State Exam. Proof of previous licensure can be the Broker’s desk copy of your license, your pocket card or proof of payment to the Department of State for the initial license fee. School certificates are not considered to be proof of previous licensure.


  • Contract Preparation
  • Predatory Lending
  • Pricing Properties
  • Municipal Agencies
  • Property Insurance
  • Taxes and Assessments
  • Condominiums and Cooperatives
  • Commercial and Investment Properties
  • Income Tax Issues in Real Estate Transactions
  • Mortgage Brokerage
  • Property Management

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